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Lavender and wheat side-by-side
Taken in the fields of Valensole, Southern France, this photo shows fields of lavender and wheat side-by-side.
The farmer responsible for that land might regret his mistake in missing out on the opportunity to sell his lavender as gluten free!
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A reflection of the sky
A submission to the 35PHOTO annual photo competition in 2016 by Mikhailov Andrey sees a reflection of the sky and clouds above a still water and gives the impression of a portal to another world.
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Hot water in Antarctica
Thanks to the laws of physics (and the so-called Mpemba effect) warm water freezes faster than cold water. This effect can be seen in action in this photo taken in Antarctica of someone throwing hot water into the air and seeing it instantly freeze.
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Milky Way above the clouds ocean
A shortlisted finalist in the International Images for Science competition 2016, this photograph of the Milky Way above the Himalayan mountains in Nepal was submitted to the Royal Photographic Society by Yevhen Samuchenko.

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